Ideas and Thoughts about Online Portfolios

During the last months, I’ve been thinking and studying the role of the website for illustrators, artists and other creatives.

Last week I launched my new website introducing several changes and polishing the general appearance.

I would like to share with you some thoughts behind the redesign. It might be useful for you if you are considering creating a new website or updating it.

Basic things before starting

Some thoughts about how people interact with the website nowadays

Changes I applied to my website


Every year the Internet evolves and the way we use it changes too.
Our websites should evolve as well to adapt to the new ways of interaction.

A professional website is the basis of any illustrator, designer or artist who wants to be professional. It’s the way to tell the clients and followers which is the work you develop, also giving them a way to contact you and showing your personality. Having an updated website is a must.