My 2015 Review

Today is the last day of 2015 and, as every year, I love doing a simple but powerful exercise.

I sit down, away from distractions, and I focus on what happened that year.
I try to remember where I was or what I did from January to December.
I use my calendar to help me going through the year, and I also check my project folders, tracking spreadsheets and emails.
I write down a list of the highlights, and it ends up being kind of a story of my year, where I get surprised about how many amazing things have happened.

Reviewing the year is one of the most pleasant things of the year.
I realize how many things happen in 365 days and how I evolve.
It also empowers me to start the new year with all my strength.

It’s the first time I make my list public.
I’m publishing it to encourage others to do the same exercise.
You won’t regret!


When I look at this list, I can’t feel happier.
2015 has been the best year ever, and I’ll do my best to make 2016 even better!

For 2016 I want to focus on personal projects, start traveling non-stop again and enjoy every single moment without feeling stressed by any assignment or project. That’s my commitment.

Hope that exercise encourages you to write down your own list. I’m sure you will feel grateful, surprised and motivated to start a new year.