Build and Track a Powerful Client List with This Spreadsheet

Years ago, I felt I was ready to start working as an illustrator but I didn’t have any clients. I dreamed of working for clients like The New York Times or Scientific American, but they looked completely unattainable to me.

Nowadays they are two of my regular clients, and I love working with each of them.

Back in the days before I had big clients, I developed a plan to start opening the way. I started a wish list of the clients I wanted to work with, and I collected dozens of email addresses and sent emails to many Art Directors.

The problem was that I found it tedious to keep track of sent and pending emails. I lost hours with temporary lists that led nowhere.

I needed solutions, and I decided to start a spreadsheet. Over time my spreadsheet evolved, and eventually it became very effective.

Today I want to share that spreadsheet with you, so you can use it to help reach your goals.

spreadsheet to track clients

Why it is useful:

What it includes:

Use the spreadsheet

You can create a copy of my Google spreadsheet and use if for yourself.

Just follow the link and go to File > Create a copy.

Create a copy of the Spreadsheet

Some notes

When you and your work are mature and ready to start working for clients, you should take action. You need to be active and proactive to get assignments. Nowadays, it means sending a lot of emails.

Otherwise, be prepared to wait for years.

Having a place to track and follow up on your wish list of clients is very helpful. It avoids wasting lots of time and burning yourself out.

The process of finding clients is going to be long and tedious, but with this spreadsheet, it can be a bit more bearable.