5 Email Tools That Will Help You Promote Your Work

The first email was sent in the ‘70s.

And even though email has become one of the most important communication tools, the way we send emails nowadays hasn’t changed too much since then.

Here are 5 free email tools that will help you to use email in a better way.

Mailtrack for Gmail

Perhaps you are familiar with the double check feature in apps like Whatsapp.

You can get the same in your Gmail. You will know when your recipient opens your email.
You can also get notifications every time the email is opened with some useful information such as the location or the device from where it was opened.
To use Mailtrack, you must be a user of Gmail or Google Apps and install the Google Chrome extension.

Download Mailtrack for Gmail

Voila Norbert

Find anyone’s email address.
Just type the name of the person and the associated domain.
Norbert will give you the emails. It works like magic!
This tool is awesome to find the emails of the art directors and other clients you would like to work for.

Use Voila Norbert

Email Hunter

This one works a bit different from Voila Norbert. It gives you all the emails associated with a website. It works better for small websites.
Type the URL of a website, get all the associated emails. Simple.

Use Email Hunter

Canned Emails

We send dozens of emails every day.
Canned Emails helps you to send effective emails using canned responses.
There are a variety of canned emails to choose from, including how to be polite and effective asking someone to pay you back, ask questions, or ask for advice.

Just click on the kind of canned response you need and your email client will be opened with the canned response. It will be ready to be filled and sent.

Use Canned Emails

Talk Walker Alerts

Enter a term (a name, a compound name or even a sentence), and you will get an email every time it appears on the internet.
This is very useful to get notified when someone is talking about you, or to get updates from other people or words you want to follow.

Use Talk Walker Alerts

I use those tools almost every day and they certainly help me to use email in a better way.
Hope you find them useful!