Talk at Blanc Festival 2015

Last November I gave a couple of talks at Blanc festival.
It was by far the most impressive audience I’ve ever faced. I truly admired some of the 500 people I was talking to.

In this 15 minute talk, I tried to summarise my story, the way I see life and the way I work.
I focused on 6 main points, and I used my images to illustrate them.

The main points of my talk

  • Step out of the comfort zone
    The extraordinary things only happen outside of the comfort zone.
    We need to force ourselves and face the fear.
  • Life and work
    Life and work are different things, but they are intrinsically connected.
    I try to be a better illustrator because it brings me a better life.
    I try to be a better person because it makes me a better illustrator.
  • Curiosity
    The curiosity is the fuel of learning.
    It’s a need of discovering, investigating and experimenting.
    It brings us out of the comfort zone.
  • Follow your intuition
    The intuition is sometimes more important than reasoning. It creates my illustrations and helps me to choose the right decisions.
  • Find your own way
    It’s a consequence of stepping out of the comfort zone + curiosity + following your intuition.
    Taking advantage of our virtues but also our flaws. It allows us to find our voice and our place.
  • Focus on the essential
    Remove all the noise that contaminates the truly important things we want to do.
    Learning to live with a few things also gives value to each of them. It means to simplify and release the burdens to be more flexible, lighter and able to adapt to anything.